Andrology deals with the health and diseases of the male reproductive system.

Everything about men's health and fertility

Andrology is a branch of medicine that deals with male health and fertility. For couples who wish to have a child, an examination by an andrologist can provide important information about possible causes of involuntary childlessness.

Sperm analysis

An important examination method in andrology is sperm analysis. This assesses the quality of the sperm in terms of sperm count, motility and shape. There are also special procedures, such as the functional spermiogram, in which the exact number of functional sperm is determined after special preparation.

The current standard values for a spermiogram are:

Ejaculate volume: > 1.5 ml

Sperm concentration: > 15 million/ml

Total concentration: > 39 million

Motility: > 32% progressive Motil

Shape: > 4% normal shaped

PICSI hyaluronan binding assay

Newer examination methods in andrology include the PICSI hyaluronan binding test. In this test, mature sperm are selected on the basis of their membrane binding properties. These membrane binding properties are responsible for successful egg fertilization under natural conditions. The binding test thus identifies sperm cells that are less genetically contaminated and, if necessary, selects them for treatment. This increases the probability of pregnancy occurring and favors its progression.

Causes of sperm production disorders

Sperm production disorders can have various causes. These include, for example:

General health

Lifestyle habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption

Taking medicationDiseases in the family

Hormonal disorders

Hereditary diseasesDiseases in the genital area, such as undescended testicles in childhood or adolescence.

Therapy options

Despite extensive investigations, the cause of sperm production disorders cannot be fully clarified in a large proportion of patients. Therapeutic options also exist for only a small proportion of disorders. Together with the andrologist, further steps can be considered and a possible treatment recommended. This may include, for example, an intensified examination of the partner, insemination, IVF or IVF/ICSI.

Personal conversation

The results of the sperm analysis and possible therapy options are discussed in a personal consultation with the andrologist. Here, the individual situation of the patient can also be addressed

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